Sunday, April 7, 2013

My new Storenvy shop, Lu & Ed's 3-year Anniversary and giveaway!

  • Love handmade?  Check
  • Support small business? Check
  • Crazy about unique and custom made? Check and Check

That's me!  I would also add to my list - passionate (or obsessed - depends on who you ask) about crafting.

And there are so many others like me.  Just recently, I joined a great group of crafters that have an online shop on  While I had an online shop already, I felt I was a tiny grain of sand and no matter how different I tried to look, I was getting lost in the full beach of sand, rocks and bigger rocks.  So, I decided to open a Storenvy store, Twisted Thread and Hook and I'm starting big with the help of Lu & Ed.  I still have my Etsy store and will keep both stores open as each of them have some good things about them.

Lu & Ed is celebrating a 3-year anniversary of her successful Storenvy shop.  I could not be more happy for her and I hope that I would be able to do the same in 3 years as well.

And what is the best way to celebrate this big accomplishments?  Share it with the fans and everybody who can put a check on any or all of the bullet points at the beginning of this post.

What does that means?  A HUGE giveaway!
The contest is open from 12AM EST 4/7 to 12AM CST 4/13 2013.

Go to Lu & Ed's blog to check out the details:


There are 18 prizes donated by different small business owners.  They are worth over $250 :)

One of the prizes, is my purple dream catcher:

Whether you just love to shop, or you are a passionate crafter ready to sell your creations, sing up on to be part of this great community.  Then check out these great shops that graciously offered their creations for this giveaway in celebration of Lu & Ed's great success.

"Mon-stors are eco-friendly toy storage solutions for kids! You can hang them from a door, in the closet, or even in a car - and have your kids feed their Mon-stors toys, laundry, jackets and gloves or anything you need extra storage for!"

Custom Mollie dolls - "Mollipops, Mollie Moe Bows, and Mollie Dollies!"

"Little Green Guy features handmade plush toys, sculptures and adorable monster themed art!"

"Melli's Yarn Works features my loom knitted items! From hats, to scarves and wrist warmers as well."

"We make little something specials for your special Littles! Did you know-Monster Banks love nomming on coins and helping Littles learn counting! They're also proficient at scaring away boogeymen."

Need help creating the individual look for your shop?
"The Individuality is based on just that, Individuality. We believe that you should control the look and feel your design need presents. The best way to do this, custom designs by The Individuality geared towards your choices."

"Sew Beastly's products are handmade, ruffled accessories with sustainability in mind. Products feature my signature textured ruffle. Scraps are given a new life by repurposing them into the "Scrap Me Pretty Collection"."

"I design handmade and custom jewelry with lots of sparkle and personality. I am influenced by a variety of styles from Boho to Victorian, and often look to vintage jewelry & clothing as an inspiration."

"Impistry is the action of making goods & art using Imps as the focus. Each item that passes through the digital doors of this shop is unique, handmade, and given a 'spirit' during the creative process."

"When you're not just looking for A wand, but Your Wand. GipsonWands makes Harry Potter inspired "Magic" wands. All Wands are handmade from naturally dried locally sourced trees or salvaged lumber with a hand rubbed oil finish."

"We make Good Monster Goods: Books, prints, art, comics. For you. Since 2005."

"Handmade accessories for you & your little flower! Violet's Buds strives to be green by upcycling, repurposing, and making the most out of all our supplies while creating a unique item for you."

"Krmbal is an indie brand dedicated to eco-conscious choices & partnering with small businesses. Take back your t-shirt! We donate a portion of all sales to Kiva borrowers to help others build their small businesses."

"We strive to provide low-impact, minimal ingredient beauty, bath, and body products to dudes and dudettes around the world."

air fresheners - "We offer products that are quality products that only we would purchase ourselves.  If we wouldn't buy it, you won't find it in our store.  That's a promise"

"Frankensticth making one of a kind handmade storied monstas since 2003"

Handmade crochet jewelry and wall & window art. I mainly use fine thread to achieve unique, delicate results. I also make crochet rugs and mats using thick rope-great for nautical theme decor.

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