Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I went biking and my head got clear

It was my day off from work. Kids were in school or day care. I decided that it's a great day to try out my new bike. I have not been on a true bike ride (without kids) for few years now. So I changed, got my water ready, cell in hand only to realize my bike does not have a water bottle holder and I have no pockets for cell phone. Sure, I could have taken a backpack, but that's not really comfortable... So, I drank as much water as I could, put the cell phone aside, and jumped on the bike (with my helmet on). No, I don't need a lecture on dehydration and what if I get into trouble and need to contact somebody. I was just set on going.

I had a beautiful ride. This bike was seriously going almost by itself (at least on the flat surface and downhill).  Finally, somebody came up with the handles that are comfortable for my hands without giving me carpall tunnel pain.   It was worth the expense. For those curious, it's Cannondale Quick.  I can't say the same about the seat..  need to get a gel seat cover or something.

So, I was zooming on the Dutchess Rail Trail.  The weather was beautiful.  Windy enough to cool me off, but not to bather me too much.  Sure, my legs were hurting and I got a bug in my mouth (thank goodness for sunglasses though) but I felt great.  I was afraid to stop in case my legs would give in and not let me go back on the bike (after all, I did not have a cell to call for help).  I ended up doing about 18 miles, non-stop in about 1.5 hrs.  Yes, I did walk at the very end, but seriously, who could bike up that steep hill that leads to my house.  Well, my husband would, but let's get back to my story.

During my ride, I had lots of time to think about things that are going on in my life.  One of them, of course had to be my crafting business.  I'm really happy where I am right now.  I started it at the end of year 2012, but really, didn't define what I want to do until just recently.  From that point, I really think I made big progress.  But I was thinking about this blog.

I created this blog to promote my business because this is what you do.  You write clever posts to attract buyers, who see you have a shop and they fall in love with your things and you make lots of sales..  Arghm..  nope..  I realized, I have nothing to write to "attract" buyers.  When I was on my bike, I had a big a-ha moment.  I need to STOP thinking about this blog as a tool for promoting my business.  I need to start having fun with it.  I'm going to write about things that are interesting to me, things that are going on in my head and are asking to be typed up.
So what if nobody reads it.  If somebody finds it interesting and/or helpful or whatever, woot! woot!  Let me know and you'll make my day!  But my main goal is to have an outlet for the many things going on in my head, and simply writing about things I love.

When I get a chance to take a picture of me on my new bike, I'll add it to this post!

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